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The ARGILIS - Extracção de Areias e Argilas, Lda. was born in December 12, 1991. Its present address is Rua do Barracão, n.º 720, Barracão, 2420-195 Colmeias-Leiria (West Central Portugal) and its tax identification number is PT 502 665 319.

The administrative building of Argilis is also located in Barracão - Leiria (West Central Portugal). Close to this building there are also stockrooms for clays and parking for trucks and machinery.

The economic activity

The economic activity undertaken by Argilis, Ltd. is included in the exploitation industry, more specifically in the sub-sector of the Non Metallic Minerals, and has as objective the extraction, economic upgrading and commerce of clays used in the so-called "white-clay" ceramics, namely in ceramic glazed floor tiles and wall tiles and unglazed porcelain floor and wall tiles.

To support the extractive activity of mineral resources, the Argilis is owner of the following infra-structures:

- A unit for the processing, treatment, and upgrading of kaolin;
- An industrial facility for homogenization and mixing of clay minerals;
- Production centers of mineral resources, placed where the resource ores occur;
- A laboratory for conducting some physical tests.
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