• With the purpose of reaching the "special white clay" markets of the two biggest producers in the European Union - Spain and Italy, the Argilis, Ltd. has initiated, some 10 years ago, the commerce clay mineral mixtures with standard technological characteristics, taking into account the application sector to where they are destined, and the technical specifications of the Italian and Spanish markets of unglazed porcelain floor and wall tiles.

  • This way, the Argilis, Ltd. became the first national company implementing a direct strategy of sustained internationalization that granted a substantial valorization of its mineral resources, in particular of the special clays and kaolins with ceramics applicability.

  • In fact, following the strengthening of commercial relations with the Spanish and Italian clients in the last 10 years, the Argilis, Ltd. reached an annual export of 90000 tons of clays, which corresponds to ca. 60% of its total/yearly production.

  • The commercial strategy of the Argilis, Ltd. stands on a consolidation of the national market quota, relative to the sector of special clays for production of unglazed porcelain floor and wall tiles porcelain, by being supplier of the major national transformation factories - Pavigrés group, Revigrés and Soladrilho. At the exportation level, the Argilis, Ltd. strategy stands on keeping the following clients: - ARCILLA BLANCA (Spain); ALCALAGRÉS (Spain); GROCER (Marroc); GRANITIFIANDRE (Italy); COEM (Italy) and ITALGRANITI (Italy).

  • As short- and medium-course developing objectives, the Argilis, Ltd. whishes to reach for new clients, within and outside the Portuguese frontiers. Additionally, it aims on searching for new ores, where new production centers are to be installed, and as a consequence enlarged production capacities can be achieved and alternative resources can be provided.

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